DC SuperLady 40 Day Art Challenge

This is basically a giant note to myself.

Draw one a day for the next 40 days. Try to do something different every day, maybe a new style, a new coloring technique, a new perspective, etc. You can draw a character more than once, but you must also include a new character in the second drawing.

I covered the basics of the Hero Fam’s. :P


Bat Family 

  1. Babs/Batgirl
  2. Babs/Oracle
  3. Steph/Robin
  4. Helena W/Robin
  5. Carrie/Robin
  6. Steph/Spoiler
  7. Steph/Batgirl
  8. Cass/Batgirl
  9. Cass/BlackBat
  10. Kate/BatWoman
  11. Helena Wayne/Huntress
  12. Helena Bertinelli/Huntress

Super Family

  1. Lois
  2. Kara/Supergirl
  3. PowerGirl

Arrow Family

  1. Dinah/Black Canary
  2. Cissie/Arrowette
  3. Mia/Speedy
  4. Lian Harper

Wonder Family

  1. Diana/Wonder Woman
  2. Donna Troy/WonderGirl
  3. Cassie/Wonder Girl


  1. Poison Ivy
  2. Harley Quinn
  3. Starfire
  4. Catwoman
  5. HawkWoman/Girl
  6. Zatanna
  7. Mera
  8. Rachel Roth/Raven

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