"Don’t even think about it."

Modern Family - Batfam

Bruce is a widow with 3 children by Talia; Dick Grayson - Adopted, Cassandra and Damian Wayne. His own ‘adoptive father’, Alfred, lives with him. (not pictured)

Dick is older and has moved on to a family of his own with Barbara Gordon, after her accident she is unable to have children, so they’ve adopted a young girl named Stephanie. 

Jason Todd, an illegitimate child of Bruce and a step brother to Dick, is now dating Dick’s ex-girlfriend Kory. Together they’re raising Jason’s little brother (not Bruce’s child) Timothy.

Well I’m gonna go crawl in a hole and die now. K? K

Three Generations of Wayne

2a.m. sketches

"They’d strap me down to machines and poke wires in my brain ‘Ace can you move this object with your mind?’ ‘yea, i can move it’. They weren’t really games you know. They were training me, ‘turning me into a weapon, for justice’ they said. They got their weapon. I got cheated out of my childhood."

"I know what that’s like."

"You do, don’t you?…you don’t have to answer, I read you mind, that’s how i knew you weren’t going to use Mrs. Wallers weapon on me."

"No. I wasn’t."

"You were going to try and talk me into fixing what I changed before I die."


"I’m dying very soon."

"Yes…I’m sorry."

"Would you stay with me? I’m scared."

Bruce just wins at life, okay?


"Don’t be." 

Oh my god Bruce. I’m in love with you.

"Oh Master Bruce, I am so very sorry.  I can never replace them, but I promise you: I will never, ever, leave your side." - Alfred Pennyworth