I don’t have a problem, just a resurrection of feels.

Just a little HP AU that came to me today. As always with my AU’s, I made an entirely too elaborate background and story to go with it. so it’s under the cut.

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Babs: “Kara, you can’t just take pictures of him.”

Kara: “But, Babs…look at his—”

Babs: “I know! I stretch with the guy in the mornings too.”

The DC babies are at like…mini Olympis camp or something.


"Next time, you get to be the undercover stripper

"Just shut up and give me what I paid for."

Pose and Inspiration [x]

So, this actually has a little plot. Dick is undercover as a stripper, Babs pays for a lap dance so he can slip her a drive with the info on a drug ring. 

…I kinda regret giving him pants

W: “Who the fuck are you?”

A: “Who the fuck are you?”

W: “I asked you first”

A: “i asked you second”

D: “Oh, uh, oh! He’s Wally WEst, duh, winning track member, bio-chemist, part time superhero.”

A: “Oh”

W: “Who. The fuck. Are you?”

A: “I’m Artemis, I’m new.”

The Team as…The Most Popular Sidekicks in Happy Harbor

Young Justice // Sailor Senshi 

Season 1 // Sailor Robin

To start out the series, Sailor Robin!

YJ batbabies celebrate Jasons birthday

Oppa YJ Style

Based off of Korra Style and the song of course

Roxana “Roxie” Grayson // Nightwing