So I had this thought of what Artemis could be like in the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cartoon, and I thought of this. She was taken in by the Amazons and trained to be like them, but, being inspired by the princess, Diana, she fled from Themyscira. As she was leaving, she was visited by her name-sake and granted a silver bow and arrows, and green and silver bits of armor, forged under the full moon. 

After leaving Themyscira, she found Wonder Woman, and joined the league. Wherein she met Wally West. Wherein she realized why her sisters hated men. 

"Hello to you to Wally," The lithe blonde smirked, extending her hand. The woman had on a green tank top and a dark leather jacket sitting next to her on the seat. A badge was resting on top of the coat, and it easily drew his eyes to her long legs. The dark wash jeans hugged her nicely and he would hate to admit it, but the heavy duty boots she had on were really attractive.

And her hair. Wally was certain that he’d never seen anyone with hair that long, and it didn’t make sense one bit, because her skin was of a dark orient complexion and it didn’t look dyed. Wally was at a loss. This woman was young, beautiful, and certainly not old enough to have become such an important policewoman already in her lifetime.

The Spark In The Unknown - Veg

Well, Veg I’m finally gonna read your supernatural AU. and, well I wanted to draw something. 

"I don’t believe it’s you, but I just don’t care."

So I had this dream last week when I was sick and Wally got transported to another dimension where he trained as Flash in the new demension until his league found a way to send him home, and then he found Arty, and this happened.

Somebody hasn’t let go of the spitfire feels. And that somebody is me. And me still can’t ducking draw men.

Pose taken from this gif: [x]

…hipster Spitfire? I guess.

Just a little HP AU that came to me today. As always with my AU’s, I made an entirely too elaborate background and story to go with it. so it’s under the cut.

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"He grasps her hand and leads her into the empty planetarium, firing up the projections, just like in an old movie she saw once. The stars shift tirelessly around them and when he kisses her, all of the planets inhale and emerge."

Take Me In || Brella

My name is Wally West and by age fourteen I know I’m trapped…locked into a future that’s one dark tunnel of sorrow and despair. A life sentence waiting to be served. But then the impossible happens. Thanks my Aunt Iris, I meet my hero, The Flash. And in one split-second my tomorrows, every last one of them, are transformed from a single bolt of lightning. Now and forever I’m fast…I’m free…and nothing will ever hold me back.

"I guess I just don’t get it," Zatanna says frankly, setting her glass of lemonade down hard on the surface of the restaurant table.

Artemis glances up sharply at the sound, which only makes Zatanna’s shoulders slacken as she looks at her with pity and worry and a host of other things that Zatanna shouldn’t be feeling. The summer breeze ripples over the striped awning above their heads and rustles at Artemis’s hair, now cropped boyishly short (every extra inch had been one Wally’s fingers wouldn’t go through).

[The Next Great Adventure - Brella]

Um…to be fair, I drew this before rereading the scene but…jfc. 

So many god damn feelings. I haven’t drawn YJ in forever. So, just a little diddy for my muse.

"Commander, I believe this is against conduct."

"Well, what can I say? I’m a rebel."

god I’ve been bitten by the trekkie bug and it’s not going away. Trek!Spitfire