things that I will never understand: Gavin Free’s Facial construction.

Kings AU mini-comic page 1

So my idea with Gavin is that the Free House’s symbol is the creeper and so everyone in the family gets these tattoos symbolizing the Creeper skin on their bodies and it has some magic in it. So, like when the creeper gets mad, when Gavin feels an intense emotion, his magic glows beneath the skin of the tattoos. 

Seriously though, I have all of the headcanons for this fucking AU. All of them. and I apologize for drawing Gavin so badly.

All Grown Up - Buttercup - Age 22

Drawing for a friend. :)

SPN Screencap Redraw: Castiel (x)

SPN Screencap Redraw: Fem!Team Free Will

Supernatural Screencap Redraw: Rule 63!Destiel

My new reborn otp, Percabeth

still getting used to photoshop drawing. not sure if i gusta

Um…i have no idea honestly. I watched some history channel thing on Wild West Prostitutes and this was born.

They are…prostitutes that moonlight as vigilantes…and feminists.